I’m busy migrating this dusty old site over to self hosted WordPress and my goal is to start posting more regularly about my adventures as a meat operations manager for a local, sustainable farm that specializes in grass fed and finished beef.

Before, I was using this site as a means educate people on the importance of eating and living healthier from a paleo point of view while I tried to become a paleo dietitian. And try as I might have, I wasn’t so good at it and I didn’t really like it.

Also, there are enough people doing that these days.¬†And I still don’t know enough about food and diet to comfortable telling people what to eat all the time. And NC happens to be very unfriendly to people who like to blog about nutrition and proper eating sooooo…

Now, I have a really awesome interesting job that I need to write about since I learn about 1100 new things a day. I’m working on a sustainable, pasture based farm that produces super high nutrient grass finished beef, chicken, eggs and vegetables. We’ve also partnered with The Shrimp Connection who sells sustainably sourced seafood, local whenever possible. My job is sweet.

And I have lots of pictures from around the amazing Summerfield Farms that I need to be sharing, like the one below.

Cows getting down on some salad bar.

Cows getting down on some salad bar.

I’ll still be referencing the paleo and Crossfit lifestyle I’m living quite often but the theme of the blog will definitely be taking a new direction as I write and share about what I see and learn on the farm. Time for a new nutritionator.

One Thought on “Don’t Stop Believin’…

  1. So glad to see you are up and blogging again. Love to read about your new adventures. Keep them coming

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