I’ve been working on a little somethin’ somethin’ that is actually starting to materialize quicker than I thought. That being said, I need to use the power of the internet and social networking to do a little market research…

There are a few other people doing things similar to this but I’m planning on starting a mobile farmers market in Greensboro, NC. I’m still deciding between an ice cream truck or school bus but something of the sort will be retrofitted to carry local, 100% pastured, organic meat and eggs and organic produce (hopefully raw dairy in the future.) Ideally sourced from farms less than 100 miles from Greensboro. I might carry a few other hard to find goodies like coconut oil, seaweed and organic nuts but I’m more focused on the farm food.

Support local farmers, make it easier for people to locate healthy food, educate people on the importance of whole food, take some money out of the pockets of factory “farmers” and possibly recycle some of the waste from the hundreds of restaurants that are in Greensboro. I want that to be my job.

I’m also looking into biodiesel as a fuel source and the possibility of solar panels to power the meat freezers. Biodiesel doesn’t actually look too difficult and seeing as I’d be working in mostly a warm climate, should be an affordable, earth friendly way to power my food mobile and reduce waste.

I do plan on offering exclusively “paleo” food but I’d rather just advertise it as whole, local fresh food instead of an anti-processed food campaign. Trust me, it’s paleo. If I’m allowed to, I want to use the outside of the truck or bus to educate on the differences between factory farmed crap and the amazing food that local farmers produce. I’m looking at you CLA

I plan on focusing on people that don’t have transportation, are extremely busy, don’t know how important local food is, or need more farmers market availability than just Saturday mornings.

There are a plethora of stops I could see being beneficial for my customers. Food desserts, college campuses, apartment/townhome complexes, gyms, downtown, after-school pickup, malls, festivals and so on…

Imagine finishing your workout at the gym and waiting outside in the parking lot is a source of local, cheap, organic, crap-free food, far more fresh than anything you would over pay for at the store. No need to make a special trip to the store on your already tight schedule. Just grab some salad ingredients, ground beef for burgers and a sack of sweet potatoes for fries for a perfect post-workout meal.

Now for the most important part of this post. You.

I need your help. I need to know if you would use a service like this and where you would like it to be offered to make your life easier.

Leave a comment, send me an email, tweet or facebook message, however you do it just let me know what you think of the idea. BE HONEST and share this idea with as many people as you can. The more feedback I can get, the more detailed my business plan can be when I start begging for funds to make such a project a reality.

I do plan on using crowd sourcing like kickstarter.com to fund the project. Again, feedback would be great!

Word vomit tends to be common around here huh?

Thanks in advance!

One Thought on “Market Research

  1. Sounds like a great idea. If the paleo truck works, start one in Wilmington Delaware where I live next.

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